July 24, 2011

Kitty Sports

a sunday afternoon of kitty athletics and the SF Giants game on tv

July 19, 2011

Pink Revival

I was surrounded by the color pink during my childhood.  I may have liked the color for a week and that might have been the same week my Mom had me pick my room colors.  

my incredibly pink room at age 10ish - and yes, i was wearing a pink shirt

 So there it was, for ten years I had curtains, bedding, even a small desk - all in pink.  As I got older, I got so tired of pink that the next chance I had to decorate my space, I chose black & white.  Dim, neutral.  I avoided all shades of pink.  Until recently.  In the last couple of years, I've slowly brought the girly color back into my palette, though restricted to little pops of accent here and there, and never worn simultaneously (unless it's lipstick and gloss).  My current favorites:

shoes, Kenneth Cole; belt, Banana Republic

gloss, MAC in Girl Heart Boy; nail polish in OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender  

nail polish matching Kimba's nose

NARS in Dolce Vita